Catan Classic App Reviews

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Great game, one of the best

One of the best board games out there, a must in any collection.

Spectacular game!

Smart and fun game.

Best game ever


Great app and game

Great app and game

Lots of fun, but...

Fun solitaire but stronger and more varied computer opponents would be appreciated (could take a cue from the Carcassonne opponents). Sadly the pass and play is too tedious because of all the trading involved. Not so much a fault of the apps design as it is part of the game that simply doesnt transfer away from the real board easily.


The dice are so poorly programmed that it ruins the game. Also, no matter how far ahead a CPU player may be, the other CPU players will always help each other out (trading). This makes the game unrepresentative of the original board game


The game is great!

3 years and loving it.

I tend to win 90% of the games, which never happens in real life. But, it has been a game I play over and over again. It is still a challenge to win. Great Game.

Waste of money for a rigged game

Cons - AI gangs up on you with repeated dice rolls - AI gets robber again and again on you - AI magically racks up victory points when you are about to win Pro - Good lesson to not buy crap app like this again


Great game, feel and lay out. A lot of the time my game freezes when I try to play development cards (two roads card). Please fix!!!! Otherwise good app.

Great game!!!

Its great to play as an individual.


A great game ruined by terrible programming. The dice probabilities are near impossible and consistently influence game outcome.

Could be better

Wish you could turn off victory point cards. Better AI would also be cool. Also, its a little buggy. Sometimes text doesnt show up and pages are blank in menus. 3.5 bags of popcorn.

So buggy new update cant be played

Loved this game until the July 20 update. Now opponents wont place their first settlements in start up phase. So the game is essentially broken and unplayable.

The oppenent is cheating

The oppenent can use any knight on the map to displace the pirate. He does not have any knight beside the pirate.

Buggy update

Needs a fix - the game crashes when an opponent is relocating his ship and you cant continue the same game

No upgrade and lot of bug

Takes about 2 years before getting an update... And now its always buggy.... For over 15$ for an app they certainly can do better...

Crashes a lot. Frustrating.

This game is more frustrating than relaxing.

Needs improvements

Buggy a little bit, great game, needs a chat function. Also, dont like how you have to keep signing in, for checking out of a quick match on multiplayer

Update ruined game

Dont waste money on this now. Game was great. Since July update, cant finish a game without it crashing - on any device: iPhone 6s or iPad, or mini. :(

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